Gift certificates

◦ Gift certificates are now available for your purchase! No expiration date!

◦ You can purchase a gift certificate in-store or online.



Send us your information

Please send a text to (937) 506-0808 for name and address of the recipient, the gift certificate amount, and the type of delivery you want.

Send us the payment

You can use Venmo or Cash App to make the payment. We can also accept credit card payments by phone during regular business hours.

You're all set!

Once you have completed a purchase, a confirmation will be sent to you, along with a receipt and tracking number (if applicable). Your gift certificate will be sent to the recipient by USPS. Your mail is usually sent at the end of the day. If you would like more information about delivery times, please check your delivery type.

E-gift Certificate


The e-Gift is a digital store credit issued by Pretty Nails, it contains 10 digits that can be redeemed at Pretty Nails just like a physical gift card. No expiration date. You will receive e-Gift via email.

Gift card design

Enter amount


Delivery info

If empty, will be sent to your email address + add another recipient

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